1. New Bank Account - The club is using a new Bank Account - The Standard Bank Account is still used for outstanding fees form 2014. However Fees for 2015 (January onwards) should be paid into the new FNB Account. The Account nr will be on your invoices.
  2. New Invoicing System - The club has migrated to a new Accounting System. Invoices will be issued on the 23rd of the month payable before the 7th of the following month. Invoices will be sent via email which will also contain a link where you can check your account balance, statements, payments, invoices, credit notes, etc. Please make use of this facility. Its offered at a significant cost to the club and we need to make full use of it. We hope by using this system our administrative work will reduce and also our members' accounts will be more visible and accessible to them!
  3. GIHA/SAIHA Affiliation - All members must affiliate with the Gauteng Ice Hockey Association (GIHA) and South African Ice Hockey Association (SAIHA) on an annual basis. Registrations are completed and paid in January of every year. This year GIHA will send invoices to all its members for payment directly to GIHA. Therefore the clubs will not be involved in this process anymore. The cost for 2015 will remain R350 and payable end of January 2015. Please wait for your invoices before making payment. Please also use the correct reference (which will be indicate doing the invoice) to make payment. **Note*** This process was delayed due to system problems and invoices will only go out durign March 2015!!
  4. Sponsorships - We are looking for sponsorships for our different teams this year! These sponsorships will include sponsoring jerseys, cost of games, etc. Please send an email to info@icehawks.net for more information. 
  5. The GIHA League officially starts on Sunday 8 March 2015. Make sure all your information is correct in our database if you want to participate!
  6. Payment for League Games: We will be invoicing players for the games they are playing. We prefer that players make payment via EFT (Use same reference as for fees) into the club account based on these invoices (Obviously prior to the games) as it will reduce the administration. Team Managers will however still collect money. No player can unfortunately be allowed to play unless thay have paid for their games or have outstanding debt.



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